Welcome to West Michigan Bassers 2019

We’ve made it to 2019 and the schedule is now available including a link to all the launches you will need to be at to compete.

Below is some information that you should be aware of before we get started this May.Β  Let’s make this year a great one!

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Artificial Bait Only -5 Fish Limit/Boat
$50.00 per boat for 2 man teams..

All one man boats will cost $45.00 ($40EF/$5BB) Same cost if partner does not show.

  • (New this year) We will draw for take-off spots at each lake.

Yearly Membership Fee $15 per person this includes subs.

At each tournament we will confirm the next lake and start time, so if you miss a tournament, make sure you call me to verify we haven’t switched lakes or times.

Cell – 616- 550-1144 Paul Nelson

Looking for sponsors this year to contribute to prizes & website fees. If you know a company or organization that would like to have a spot on webpage please let me know.

Classic Tournament:

Β  ****Open to all members who have fished at least 3 regular season tournaments
Β  -Total weight for 2 days. Entry fee $100 per boat. Includes Big Bass
– Separate big bass for each day.

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