Ok guys with news of BBT not running this year I will be changing the way we welcome new members. Starting immediately (3-24-19) I will NOT accept any new members.

Guidelines to this are as follows:

  • If you fished at least 1 tournament with us last year, you’re OK
  • If you already contacted me about fishing this year, you’re OK
  • If I accepted you on Facebook West Michigan Bassers page, you’re OK


I will NOT allow any new boats to join at launch the day of any tournament. Sorry for these changes, but lakes we fish can only support so many vehicles with the size of parking lots.

To help allow as many new members as possible to join us, if you are planning on fishing with us and fit guidelines above please go to westmichigan bassers facebook page and follow directions on signing up for which lakes you plan on fishing.

I will be reviewing the results of this change before opening day to see if we have room for more boats, so if you really want to fish with us contact me after 5-15-19 for final answer.

Thank you,

Good Fishing!!

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