Schedule 2014

Schedule for 2014

May 24th  Fremont lake   6:00 – 2:00-Township Launch **UPDATED**

June 7th  Cadillac & Mitchell    7:00 – 3:00 Kenwood park Launch

June 21st  Wabasis  Lake  6:00 -2:00   (Rockford)

July 13th  (Sunday) Big Blue Lake   6:00-2:00  Muskegon- Township  Launch

August 3rd (Sunday)   Hamlin  Lake  7:00-3:00- Barnhart Launch Wilson Park **UPDATED**

August 31st (Sunday)  White lake (Whitehall)  – 6:30 – 2:30 River Launch


September 20 & 21 “Two Day Classic – Fremont  *UPDATED*
Launch at Fremont Lake first day 7:00-4:00

We will be using a point system for scoring for anglers of the year. Best 5 out of 6 lakes      

Anglers of the year will get one day at classic paid for and a trophy along with first take off spot for classic both days..

3 thoughts on “Schedule 2014

    • Hi Angie – Please give Paul Nelson a call at: Cell – (616)550-1144 Paul Nelson
      He can give you more information for next year. They are pretty much done for this year.

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