1. Each contestant must report in at the beginning and the end of tournament. If you leave during the tournament hours, you must report to the tournament director or at least 2 other boats who will report in for you.
  2. Safe boating must be observed at all times. Flotation devices must be provided for each person in the boat per Coast Guard regulation. Life vests should be worn when using gas motor. All DNR rules apply.
  3. While fishing, no boat shall fish closer than 50 feet. The intent here is to be further than casting distance away. If you can cast to the other angler’s boat you’re way too close.
  4. Only one fishing rod, casting or spinning, may be used at one time. No trolling allowed.
  5. All boats must have some type of live well. No stringers or baskets. Every attempt must be made to provide live releases.
  6. Tournament is catch and release.
  7. No passing in a “NO WAKE” zone..
  8. There is a 5 fish limit for each team. You must cull to a 5 fish limit on the water, not at the dock. All bass must measure 14 inches at weigh-in time. Anglers will have their catch bumped before they are weighed. Fish will be measured with mouths closed on directors bump board.
  9. Eight ounces of weight will be deducted from your total for each dead fish brought to the scales. Limit of 3 dead fish per total catch. If more then 3 dead then whole catch is DQ”ed
  10. Only largemouth and smallmouth bass will be weighed.
  11. All ties will be decided by largest fish. Teams are responsible to be sure they weigh their largest fish, in case of a tie in total weight. One fish per team qualifies for the big bass pot. Only one big bass entry will be weighed, so pick it out ahead of time.
  12. If you are more then 3 Minutes late for weigh-in you will have ½ your total weight DQ”ed.. Time starts once scale is set up…
  13. No contestant will leave his/her boat at any time, except in the case of an emergency, illness, or inclement weather.
  14. In case of lightning, or other types of severe weather, you are expected to take necessary and appropriate shelter immediately.
  15. Any discrepancies concerning a tournament, or one of the tournament rules, will be decided by the tournament director and three anglers designated by the director.
  16. No live bait. Artificial bait only. Drop shot rigs are technically illegal on some of the lakes that Westmichigan Bassers fishes. However, some DNR officers do not enforce this rule for bass fishermen. Use at your own discretion. If you choose to use drop shot rig and are ticketed, you will be disqualified.
  17. Anglers must be off the body of water for the next day’s tournament lake no later than sunset the night prior. Off limits for the Classic will begin at sunset on the Sunday prior to the tournament.
  18. All boats used in the tournament are required to carry owner’s liability insurance.
  19. You are expected to follow all fishing and boating regulations. All fish you bring to the weigh in are your responsibility! If you have ones that have died, you need to take care of them! The official “Bump Board will be at the scales at weigh-in. Your shortest bass will be bumped. If you’d like to check your measure against this one prior to starting you may do so.
  20. All live wells need be checked before take off.
  21. At least one member of each team must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
  22. No more then two people per boat.
  23. Must be within casting distance of any buoy used to mark a location.
  24. Tournament director or designated official is not responsible for accidents or injury occurring during tournament.. Upon paying entry fee you will be acknowledging this rule…
  25. No new boats will be allowed to fish in last 2 tournaments of season. Only boats that have fished at least 1 tournament during season can fish.
  26. No boat can have more than 2 subs per seasontetert